Warm Mineral Springs - Revealed

Join modern day explorer, Curt Bowen as he takes you on a journey to the deepest and darkest regeons of Warm Mineral Springs.

Time: 10:58 Minutes



The Warm Mineral Springs Manager Jennifer Graham speaks with Jim McLaughlin about the history of Warm Mineral Springs.

Time: 04:49 Minutes

Eugenie Clark

The Shark Lady

The Paxton Brothers conducted an hour videoconference with Genie about the early days of Warm Mineral Springs, Col. Bill Royal, and the beginnings of Mote Marine.

Time: 30:21 Minutes

Dr. John Gifford

Ancient Waters Celebration

Jan 27, 2013


Dr. John Gifford speaks at the 2013 Ancient Waters Celebration about the archeological importance and discoveries within Little Salt Springs and Warm Mineral Springs. North Port, Florida

Time: 28:42 Minutes

Mindflow Media

Little Salt Springs

This video features Dr. Gifford and Steve Koski of the University of Miami discussing possible future finds. Gifford discusses the possibility of DNA sampling from Pre-Clovis human remains yet to be found in the sink hole.

Time: 7:59 Minutes

Warm Mineral Springs - Ecofest 2012

Ecofest 2012 fesitval at Warm Mineral Springs

Time: 1:58 Minutes

1959 Archive Video
Archive video from 1959. Col. Bill Royal discovers ancient human remains in the depths of Warm Mineral Springs.
1996-1997 Survey Project Archive Video
An old video of the 1996-1997 Warm Mineral Survey project showing some of the team members and some of the inner spring system. © 1996 Curt Bowen
1996-1997 Survey Project Archive Video

Hot Water Vent Cave System

The main hot water vent located on the bottom of Warm Mineral Springs sink. This small cave extends over 230 feet to the north of the sink to a maximum reachable depth of 228 feet. © Curt Bowen
1996-1997 Survey Project Archive Video

Visit to Col. William Royals House

A quick video visit to Col. William Royals home and his unique fireplace made from ancient artifacts.